Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

In the book of Acts, we see how the early church exploded with new converts and believers, and I imagine it was a beautiful site to see. Christ followers from all walks of life established in love, unity, and one accord. The common factor which brought about this phenomenon was none other than the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior we have been redeemed, restored and renewed, and although Jesus ascended to heaven, He did not do so without first promising the presence of the comforter in the person of the Holy Spirit. It has been more than two thousand years since the promise of the Holy Spirit, and the promise still remains.

Pastors, God has called us to lead the next generation of Youth that will be our future Pastors, Ministers, and Leaders. That is why I want to partner with you as we as encourage your youth to attend and prepare for a spirit filled Youth Convention!  This year marks the Centennial for Hispanic Assemblies of God Churches, and at our 2018 Youth Convention, we are believing for the tangible promise and the presence of the Holy Spirit like never before! We believe for miracles, healing, and an overall fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will pierce and transform the hearts of our Youth 4EVER!

Let’s activate our faith and unite together to ensure that this generation of Youth can encounter the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am believing for signs and wonders such as the early church experienced, so too shall our Youth. I am confident that whatever we ask for in faith, God will honor and bring to pass.

We have an excellent group of anointed speakers, pastors and leaders that will share the unadulterated Word of God with passion, power, and purpose.  You can read their bios and background history on our website when you register at:

Pastors, will you help me pray for our Youth? Pastors, will you do whatever it takes to make sure your Youth attend? Pastors, will you do all you can to invest in the present and future generation of Pastors, Ministers, and Leaders?

I pray you can answer yes to all of these questions and I hope to see your Youth at:

All or Nothing – 2018 Midwest Latin Youth Convention

In Christ,

Juan Murillo
Midwest Latin Youth Ministries Director